Elevate Your Skin Game with Skin Mix Membership!

Unlock radiant, age-defying skin with our exclusive Skin Mix Membership. This isn't your typical 'once-in-a-while' skincare routine – it's a commitment to keeping your skin consistently gorgeous.

What is Skin Mix Membership?

It's your passport to regular, professional skincare. As a member, you'll enjoy special rates on monthly skin treatments that will leave your skin glowing with vitality.

The Power of Consistency

Why settle for sporadic skincare when you can embrace a routine that truly transforms your skin? Consistency is key to addressing common skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, uneven tone, and texture. With Skin Mix Membership, your skin gets the ongoing care it deserves.

Aging Gracefully

Bid farewell to the worries of aging! Our monthly treatments are your secret weapon in the battle against time. Embrace aging gracefully, knowing that your skin is in expert hands.

Ready to join the Skin Mix Membership family? It's time to invest in your skin and enjoy the beauty of consistent, professional skincare. Let's embark on this radiant journey together!

Skin Mix: Where Beauty Meets Consistency.

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An Exclusive Monthly Membership Your Skin Will Thank You For!

Laser Facial Membership

$99 monthly

1 laser facials per month

Hydrating Mask

10% Off additional services

10% Off Products

Exclusive seasonal gift

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The Magic Mix Membership

$800 Bi-monthly

1 RF micro needling & 1 Laser facial bi-monthly

15% Off products

10% Off additional services

5% off additional packages

Exclusive seasonal gift

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The Beauty Mix Bank

$150 monthly

$100 Gift Card Upon sign up (first time enrollment only)

$150 towards your monthly skincare

15% OFF products

10% Off Services

Extra 5% OFF packages

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Cancellation Policy for Skin Mix Memberships

  • Payment will be processed on the day of sign-up and then on a monthly basis thereafter.
  • If payment is missed or declined for more than 2 months (whether consecutive or non-consecutive), Skin Mix reserves the right to cancel the membership.
  • The minimum term commitment is 3 months for Laser Facial membership and The Beauty Bank membership.
  • The minimum term commitment is 4 months for The Magic Mix membership.
  • After the commitment period is fulfilled, a 30-day notice from the first of the following month is required for cancellation.
  • Laser Facial membership and The Magic Mix membership can be rolled over for a maximum of two months per calendar year.
  • Only Laser Facial memberships are eligible for sharing.
  • Beauty Bank membership balances can accumulate indefinitely but cannot be refunded, you can redeem at any time for any treatment.
  • Beauty Bank balance can only be used toward services.
  • Missed treatments may be forfeited unless they are rolled over.
  • All skin and laser treatments will be performed by our highly skilled Estheticians.
  • Monthly memberships are available on a limited basis.