How Laser Facials Help My Skin
April 26, 2024

How Laser Facials Help My Skin

What is a Laser Facial?

At Skin Mix Medspa, a laser facial involves using advanced laser technology to deeply penetrate the skin layers, promoting healing and rejuvenation from within. This treatment is adept at reducing fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. It's also excellent for stimulating collagen production, which is essential for maintaining youthful, elastic skin.

How Does a Laser Facial Benefit My Skin?

A laser facial from Skin Mix Medspa does more than just treat the surface of your skin. It activates the natural regenerative processes by targeting the underlying support structure of your skin. Here’s what it does:

Fights Aging: By boosting collagen and elastin production, laser facials help reduce the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles.
Improves Texture: Regular treatments refine pores and smooth out skin texture, leading to a soft and more even complexion.
Reduces Pigmentation: Targeted laser energy breaks down dark spots and discoloration for a clearer, more uniform skin tone.
Why Choose Skin Mix Medspa?

Located in Denver's trendy Lohi Sunnyside area, Skin Mix Medspa is not just a medspa; it's a place where advanced technology meets personalized care. Each laser facial is tailored to meet individual skin types and concerns, ensuring optimal results.

Membership Benefits: Consistency is Key

At Skin Mix Medspa, we believe that regular care is the secret to lasting beauty. This is why we offer specialized membership plans that make consistent treatments not only affordable but also convenient.

The Glow Mix ($159/month): Save significantly from the non-member price of $300. Includes a Yag Laser Facial, an Enzyme Peel, a Hydrating Mask, and After Treatment Products monthly.
All members enjoy 10% off additional discounts on services and products.

The Radiant Mix ($250/month): Offers a choice between high-end treatments like Platinum Hydrafacial, VI Peel, BioRE Peel, and more, typically costing $300-$325 for non-members.
All members enjoy 10% off additional discounts on services and products.

The Rejuvenating Mix ($300/month): Allows members to choose one from any of the combination:

Laser Facial + Platinum Hydrafacial
Laser Facial + Contour and lift facial
Laser Facial + Any of our chemical Peels

which would cost $600 for non-members. Members also get a $100 gift card on first-time enrollment and can bank their membership for a special treatments which is RF Microneedling which is $800 if you purchase it alone.

All members enjoy 15% off additional discounts on services and products, making comprehensive skincare more accessible than ever.

Join the Good Skin Club

Ready to elevate your skincare routine? Join the Good Skin Club at Skin Mix Medspa and enjoy the benefits of regular, expertly administered laser facials. Consistent treatment is the key to maintaining beautiful results, and our membership plans are designed to keep you on track.

Visit us in Denver’s Lohi Sunnyside or click here to sign up for a membership. Your skin deserves the best, and at Skin Mix Medspa, we’re here to deliver exactly that.

Explore the possibilities with us and start your journey to a flawless complexion today!