Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

60 Minutes Duration
Starting at $150
Prices & Packages

Prices & Packages

Face, Neck, Back,Chest,shoulders
Per Session
Package of 4 (Per Session)

Questions? We've Got Answers.

Face Reality Acne Treatment is a personalized approach that involves customized products and protocols to effectively address and treat acne.

Yes, our treatment is designed to work for all skin types and tones, tailored to your specific acne concerns.

Results can vary, but many clients start seeing improvements within a few weeks, with significant changes over a few months.

Absolutely, our products are formulated with skin-friendly ingredients that are effective and safe, helping to clear your skin without harsh side effects.

We recommend sticking to the prescribed routine to get the best results. Our experts will guide you on proper skincare during your treatment.

Treatment frequency depends on your individual acne condition. Our experts will create a personalized plan that suits your needs.

Absolutely, our treatment is effective for both teenage and adult acne. We customize the approach to address the unique causes and triggers for different age groups.

Pre-Treatment Tips:
Post-Treatment Tips:
  • Cleanse Gently: Use a gentle cleanser to clean your face twice a day. Avoid harsh scrubbing or exfoliation that can aggravate acne.
  • Avoid Picking: Refrain from picking, squeezing, or touching your acne. It can worsen inflammation and lead to scarring.
  • Hydration: Keep your skin hydrated with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. Proper hydration can help balance oil production.
  • Sun Protection: Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher daily, even on cloudy days. Protecting your skin from UV rays is essential.
  • Avoid Harsh Products: Steer clear of harsh skincare products that contain alcohol, fragrances, and comedogenic ingredients.